“When I first started working out with Clare, my intentions were really nothing more than to get some exercise to improve my fitness a little.  I was bored with going to the gym and stuck in a rut.  What I have gotten out of being a part of boot camp is so much more than that.  I feel the fittest and strongest that I have ever felt in my life.  I never imagined that I would be able to do one pushup, let alone what I can do now.

My attitude to exercise has totally changed and I now exercise because of how it makes me feel, not because I feel that I should be doing it.  I am hooked!  The best part of all, is taking the time, a few times each week to do something for myself and while doing that, being surrounded by a group of people who are so supportive, encouraging and fun!  It's definitely worth getting out of bed for!!”




“When I completed my first workout with Clare, I thought I would never be able to walk again and couldn't believe how many muscles I didn't know I had were working and complaining! Nevertheless, she persuaded me to keep going and what a great decision that was! Two years later, it is with great pride that I reflect on how far I have come, how I can now complete the workout with minimal soreness even though I have stepped up the routine and now actually do full push ups. The fact that I can now complete 40 full push-ups in 2 minutes is something I had never achieved before, nor would I have ever thought possible (or even attempted).

Each workout is different and challenges you to push yourself to new levels. There were some days where I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to complete a workout, but with encouragement from Clare and the other members, I was able to achieve what I didn't think was possible. The more you do it, the more addictive it becomes! Working out with other people is fantastic as there are always others to encourage you, rely on you attending and celebrate your success! I love the way my body is toned and I don't think I have ever been fitter in my life.

Some mornings I struggle to get out of bed, but never once have I regretted my decision to get up, appreciate the great outdoors, take some time out for myself and become fitter in the process! If you would like to feel healthy, toned and work all the muscles in your body, you won't regret your decision to sign up with Firebloom Fitness and you might even make some great friends in the process!”